About the choice of plank flooring material

About the choice of plank flooring material

Of course, not only depends on the type of plank flooring. Also pay attention to the floor board: which piece of wood is it? The type of wood also affects the quality of the floor. For example, there are the cheapest cedar; walnut wood full of European style; oak that has a texture...Different floor materials have different styles.

The cedar floor has more scars, exuding a simple, natural and fresh feeling. Cunninghamia lanceolata grows very fast, so it is relatively cheap. The texture of cedar flooring is relatively soft, and the foot feels more comfortable, but at the same time it is prone to scratches and bumps.

Walnut wood is very tough, durable, good abrasion resistance, and has a certain degree of resistance to bending; the texture is straight, the pattern is also beautiful; and it has good insulation properties, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and resistance to insects. In the United States, hickory furniture has always been a symbol of elegance and wealth, and hickory is known as the "king of hardwoods in North America." Therefore, walnut solid plank flooring and solid wood floor heating are the first choice for many people.

The texture of oak flooring is relatively hard, and the texture is natural and beautiful, and it looks very textured and high-grade. And oak flooring is very versatile, suitable for all styles of home.

There are also many types of substrates, such as two-winged beans, pineapple grids, ash, rosewood, etc...In short, the better the floor material, that is, the better the substrate, the better the environmental protection. When we choose, we must also pay attention to the types of these substrates.