Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Improvement PVC Plastic Floor

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Improvement PVC Plastic Floor

In home decoration, PVC flooring has become one of the most popular floor decoration because of its comfort and environmental protection. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of home decoration PVC flooring? What should I pay attention to when buying?

First, the advantages of home decoration pvc plastic floor
• Waterproof and non-slip PVC floor
Because the surface of the PVC floor is composed of a high-density special structure, it has a simulated wood grain appearance, and it is not easy to slide when it encounters water.

• PVC floor has good flexibility
The floor is made of elastic material, which has strong impact resistance and soft and comfortable foot feel. The thermal conductivity and thermal insulation of PVC flooring are relatively high. The heat conduction can evenly dissipate heat in just a few minutes, and bare feet will not feel cold in winter.

• Wear-resistant
The floor surface material is made of 0.1-0.5mm thick polymer special material, which has high abrasion resistance and has the longest service life among similar brand products.

• Quite lightweight
After construction, the weight of PVC floor is about 10 times lighter than that of wooden floor and 20 times lighter than that of tile floor. This reduces the weight of the building and ensures safety.

• Quite convenient for construction
When repairing PVC floors, it is not necessary to use cement and sand, nor is it necessary to use wood and soil. Quick and easy installation using special glue. There are many types of products, including gravel, marble and wood grain, which can be freely matched, saving time and effort.

The disadvantages of home decoration PVC floor
Since PVC is a compound of polyvinyl chloride polymer, it is more susceptible to thermal expansion and contraction. If someone smokes at home, be careful not to drop the cigarette butts and burn the floor.

The precautions for the purchase of PVC floor
• Quality
PVC floor is a lightweight floor made of polyvinyl chloride. It is completely different from the floor leather that consumers know. It has quite rich colors, such as wood patterns, carpet patterns, stone patterns, etc., with a high degree of realism. The PVC floor surface is specially treated to ensure that the floor has good abrasion resistance, antifouling and antibacterial effects.

• Installation
The installation of the floor is a key part of the project quality and directly affects the service life of the floor. Ordinary PVC flooring should have its own professional engineering team.

• Service
Service is related to the use and protection of the floor, and it is also a concern of people. When choosing, you must choose a company with good after-sales service and good reputation, which is also the guarantee of the quality of PVC flooring.