How to choose the right plank flooring spelling

How to choose the right plank flooring spelling

There is no technical content of I word spelling and backgammon spelling, simple operation, low labor cost, and low sheet loss. It is the most widely accepted and most common spelling method.

In fact, if you like Nordic style or French style, you can use fish bones to join the floor to deepen this style. Because the fish bone spelling has a relatively strong visual impact, this row of fish bone shapes can make the space appear more layered and extended. Viewed from all directions of the space, the effect is different. It is also suitable for long and narrow aisles.

Fishbone spelling actually appeared in France as early as the 16th century. It was mostly used in literary or luxurious decoration styles. Therefore, using this method in the home can make ordinary floors, such as laminate floors, appear. Get advanced.

However, the material loss rate of this paving method is relatively high, because the rectangular floor is cut into a parallelogram, and the two sides of each floor are cut at 45° or 60°, and then the "V"-shaped splicing is performed. Only in this way can a fishbone shape be formed. Trimming is also done at the beginning and end, which causes loss.

And the floor of fish-bone jointing method cannot be directly cut on-site with ordinary floor, because it needs to have two kinds of notches, positive groove and reverse groove, so it needs to be customized with the manufacturer. We need to estimate the required quantity when we make a reservation.

At the same time, this laying method has certain difficulties. After all, the process is complicated. When stitching is slightly misaligned, the error will become larger and larger. Therefore, it is necessary to find a professional craftsman, and the labor cost is relatively high.

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