How to distinguish PVC carpet, PVC plastic floor and PVC floor rubber?

How to distinguish PVC carpet, PVC plastic floor and PVC floor rubber?

PVC material is widely used for its unique advantages. PVC carpet, PVC plastic floor, and PVC floor rubber are three common PVC materials.

PVC carpet
PVC carpet is made of polyvinyl chloride resin for the bottom of the carpet. It can be used instead of pure wool carpets and chemical fiber carpets. The fire resistance level of PVC carpet can reach B1 level. PVC carpet is widely used in many public places and is the mainstream floor material in office space.

1. Drumming and wrinkling:
Except that the carpet was not flattened before paving, the main reason was that the support Zhang Ping was uneven and the barbs in the barbed board were not caught. If the carpet is bulging when it is opened, the carpet should be rolled up and turned flat. When paving, the support must be evenly applied. After the flattening, the barb is immediately loaded into the barb and beaten with a flat shovel to ensure that the barb can hold the carpet.

2. Inconsistent color:
In addition to the poor quality of the material, it also includes that the surface of the base layer is wet or seeps to discolor the carpet after it absorbs water, and that the surface of the carpet becomes lighter due to sunlight exposure. So pay attention to choose good quality, consistent color carpet when buying.

PVC plastic floor
PVC plastic floor is a new type of lightweight floor decoration material that is very popular in the world today, and it is widely used. It refers to the floor made of polyvinyl chloride material. According to the shape, it can be divided into coil type and sheet type. According to the structure, it can be divided into multi-layer composite type, homogeneous core type and semi-homogeneous type. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, ultra-light and ultra-thin, super abrasion resistance, antibacterial, high elasticity and super recovery. It is widely used in homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places.

PVC floor has high requirements on the flatness of the ground.

PVC floor rubber
PVC floor rubber is a soft material of PVC flooring, also known as composite PVC elastic flooring. Generally it is coiled material, which has the characteristics of shock absorption, non-slip and easy maintenance. PVC floor rubber is mainly installed in badminton courts, table tennis courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, yoga rooms, dance rooms, gyms and other sports venues.

PVC plastic floor and Rubber floor
Compared with PVC flooring, rubber floor products have a narrower application range, strong odor, poor sound insulation performance, difficult maintenance, single color, and poor abrasion resistance. The floor surface is not shiny after one year of use. Although the rubber floor has better skid resistance than PVC floor, its construction cost is high, the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient is large, and the dimensional stability is poor. The rubber floor uses natural rubber, so the floor cost is higher.

PVC plastic floor and Carpet
Textile carpets will change color, easily breed bacteria, poor stain resistance, difficult to clean and maintain, afraid of moisture, odor, and monotonous color.

PVC floor and Tile
PVC floor construction is faster and lighter than ceramic tiles, reducing the load of the building. Tiles have poor anti-slip properties, poor impact resistance, and many seams.

PVC floor and Wooden floor
Solid wood flooring is not suitable for wet environments, and it is easy to deform, crack, bulge, moth, moldy, decay, walking echo, not resistant to impact, difficult to clean and maintain. After laying the solid wood floor, formaldehyde is easy to be released because the floor is painted.