Introduction to related types and characteristics of artificial flooring

Introduction to related types and characteristics of artificial flooring

With the continuous development of the times, wood flooring has gradually become the hottest floor decoration material on the market, and the types are gradually increasing. In addition to the traditional natural solid wood flooring, there have been many Introduction to related types and characteristics of artificial flooring that have been transformed by artificial processes. , What are their types and what are their characteristics? Let's take a look with the editor.

 One, solid wood composite floor

  Solid wood composite floor is a kind of composite wood floor after artificial transformation. It is characterized by the natural comfort performance of solid wood floor and the stability that solid wood floor can't match, but it is slightly inferior to solid wood floor in terms of environmental protection.
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   Two, laminate flooring

The full name of laminate flooring is laminate flooring. It is a composite floor made of man-made high-density fiberboard as a base material. It is cheap, wear-resistant and durable, so it is well received by consumers, but it will be used in the production process. A lot of glue, so there will be some formaldehyde pollution.

   Three, solid wood integrated floor

The solid wood integrated artificial floor is also called solid wood finger grounding board. It is a kind of artificial solid wood floor made of natural small pieces of logs. Its performance is the same as that of solid wood floors, and the forces of various small pieces of logs cancel each other out. To improve the overall stability of the floor, the disadvantage is that it is made of multiple logs by finger joints. If the craft is not good enough, it will easily cause falling off.

   Fourth, solid wood particle floor

The artificial floor of solid wood particles is a new type of particle board made of wood or other lignocellulose particles for further processing, using fine wood fibers on both sides, with long wood fibers in the middle, and using adhesive glue under heating and high pressure. Although it has good environmental protection and comfort, the price is not expensive, but as a floor, it is not very wear-resistant and durable. Generally, only unscrupulous merchants will use solid wood pellet flooring as solid wood flooring for sale.

   The above four kinds of artificial floor, except that solid wood pellets are not suitable for the ground, the other three kinds of artificial floor are very good choices for home decoration, and consumers can make reasonable purchases according to their own needs.