Library design trends (pvc interlocking flooring)

Library design trends (pvc interlocking flooring)

The library is always looking for improvements and provides huge space for customers and employees. Technology is constantly changing, library design involves many aspects, and the interior of the library is also evolving.

1. spacious and ventilated

The bright and airy space has received much attention in the architectural design of the new library and the existing library. Most libraries pay attention to create a comfortable reading environment for readers. Sustainable practices and healthier lifestyles are more and more respected by people, driving people's demand for more natural lighting and external vision.

Some ways to achieve this are:
► Reduce the construction of full-height interior walls
► Use soundproof glass to build more indoor windows, which is convenient for lighting and reduces noise pollution
► Lower the bookshelf of the library and extend the natural lighting into the building
► Instead of using walls, use colors or floor patterns to highlight area divisions

2. Flexible space arrangement
► Using mobile service points, it can be easily folded and removed when no service is needed
► Reducing the number of fixed PC stations and adding more laptops will create space for electric study desks, which will be used by a wider range of customers including the crowd.
► Use mobile furniture and library bookshelves as an ideal solution for small libraries that meet the needs of multifunctional spaces such as teenagers and children ’s areas or have limited space.

3. Cooperation and learning space
Many libraries are designed to combine rooms or "rooms in the room" for collaboration and group learning.
► Removable partitions or removable walls, study room with writable marker board wall
► Independent lightweight partitions and screens with variable configuration

4. Furniture trends
► For customers who work or study for a long time, students, faculty and staff prefer to enjoy reading time comfortably during this time.
► Various types of furniture have been designated for each area of ​​the library and equipped with casters for easy reconfiguration.
► Folding mobile table replaces the folding leg table in the conference room.
► Learning pods or leisure buckets are becoming more and more popular in university libraries because they create semi-private, centralized workspaces in larger spaces.
► High backrest lounge seats can create a single focused space

Since most personal devices support wireless connections, collaboration stations that can share content via WiFi or Bluetooth are becoming more common. This allows almost all electric tables to cooperate with the display.

5. Application of PVC interlocking flooring
PVC flooring is currently widely used in the education industry. The following are the advantages of PVC flooring in libraries:

► Wear resistance
The library is a place with a large flow of people, which requires very high requirements for wear resistance. When choosing floor materials, you need to choose products with high wear resistance coefficients.

► Fire performance
The library contains a large number of books, and the materials are extremely flammable. The fire protection requirements for building and ground materials are extremely high. The fire protection rating of PVC floors can reach B1 level, and the fire resistance performance fully meets the requirements of library construction.

► Anti-slip performance
Old people and children are frequent visitors of the library. Children are lively and active, and the elderly are slow to move. To prevent them from accidents such as bumps and falls, the floor of the library needs to be non-slip and elastic to reduce the accidental injuries of elderly children.

The role of the library in the community continues to increase and continue to evolve to better serve users, which is truly amazing.