LTV kindergarten floor

LTV kindergarten floor

Interpretation of ground substrate: Originally, the floor tile with smooth surface was used. The joint seam on the edge of the floor tile obviously fell off, resulting in gaps, easy to hide dirt and bacteria, and bacteria bacteria; dry and clean, strong hardness is the basic condition of lock LVT floor covering 
Before the construction on site, ensure that the construction is not crossed and the floor is clean. The lock PVC floor can be spread out in a whole box, and the temperature is maintained for 24 hours, so that the floor is suitable for the temperature and humidity on site to achieve the best stability.
a. Green and environmental protection: Jiameiya lock-up floor strictly implements national environmental protection standards, adopts high-quality raw materials, and has zero formaldehyde and no heavy metals, which are healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Create a safe, healthy kindergarten ground environment

b. Compression and wear resistance: Jiameiya lock-up floor adopts ultra-strong polymerization degree and compact environmental protection base layer, which can easily carry large test of human flow, stable pressure resistance and away from dents; the sixth generation of fitting technology uniquely adopted by products” The fusion co-adhesive technology makes it have good positioning stability, and is far from the trouble of delamination, drumming, and dimensional shrinkage, and is stable and excellent. It ensures that the floor is not scratched, does not fade, and has a service life of more than 15 years.

c. Clean and antibacterial: Jiameiya lock-up floor has a unique tempering and laminating process and thickening UV layer. The product has strong anti-fouling, anti-fouling and anti-chemical effects. Daily cleaning requires only slightly wet mop. It can be scrubbed, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

d. Fire retardant: The fireproof index of Jiameiya lock floor can reach B1 level, second only to stone, which is a fireproof building material with good flame retardant effect. It does not ignite in the air when exposed to fire or under high temperature, and it has a flame retardant effect on fire, and does not produce any suffocating toxic and harmful gases.

e. Light and light noise reduction: Jiamei Ya lock floor is lighter than wood, tile and stone after construction, several times or even ten times lighter, which can effectively reduce the weight of the building, safe and easy to carry. At the same time, the product has the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction, which provides a safe and comfortable environment for the paving place.

f. Flexible and non-slip: The Jiameiya lock-up floor is more sturdy in the case of water, and it is not easy to slip, that is, the more water is smashed. In addition to its special elastic structure, it is impact resistant and has a good foot feel. Compared with the stone floor, walking on the plastic floor makes you feel more secure! In addition to the particularity of the grain, it is more effective to improve the anti-slip properties of the floor. It is especially suitable for the elderly and places where young children enter and exit frequently.
LTV kindergarten floor