Modern office high-grade gray stone plastic floor

Modern office high-grade gray stone plastic floor

High-grade gray stone plastic floor
Stone plastic flooring applications in the office area eight advantages:

1, sound absorption and noise reduction, to maintain a quiet office environment;

2, non-slip wear-resistant, it is smashed when it meets water, it is super scratch-resistant and has a long service life;

3, environmentally friendly, no aldehyde, no radioactive substances, to ensure indoor air fresh;

4, beautiful and generous, large wood grain stone appears high-grade, increase visual enjoyment, more styles, for reference;

5, fashion, 2019 popular new, cutting-edge high-tech production, in line with the country's concept of promoting "green and healthy";

6, cost-effective, the price is more affordable than solid wood flooring, the budget is not high, and the construction delivery period is short;

7, easy to clean, use a damp mop to try, maintain similar tile flooring;

8, DIY pavement, stone plastic (sheet) floor can be arbitrarily matched with different colors, decoration