PVC Vinyl Flooring

PVC Vinyl Flooring

The tile floor is durable, but it's too cold. The wooden floor is more delicate, it will be easy to foam once it is in contact with water, easy to be scratched and not flame retardant. PVC flooring, a new environmentally friendly material that combines two materials.

What is pvc vinyl flooring?
PVC is a very common plastic, which has the advantages of strong plasticity, electrical insulation, and good performance stability at room temperature. The main component of PVC plastic flooring is vinyl resin, which has no affinity for water and will not cause mildew due to high humidity. The surface of PVC plastic floor undergoes special antibacterial treatment, which has a strong ability to kill most bacteria and the ability to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.

What are the advantages of pvc vinyl flooring?
1.Low price and easy maintenance

2.Light weight and simple installation
The quality of PVC floor is very light and the thickness is very thin. Laying it on the floor will not affect the floor load, nor will it change the floor height of the room. PVC floor is usually backed with self-adhesive. Ordinary people can lay the floor by themselves. It takes a short time and can be used directly after finishing.

Which is better, pvc floor or wooden floor?
During the laying of various wooden floors, a floor mat should be set between the cement foundation and the floor. There is no connection between the wooden floor and the base. Therefore, an overhead layer is formed between the floor and the cement base. Many harmful bacteria grow here and float in the indoor air through the gap between the floor or between the floor and the wall. Human inhalation causes different degrees of harm to the human body. The PVC floor is a water-based environmental protection special adhesive that tightly combines the pvc vinyl flooring and the cement base as a whole. This prevents the growth of various bacteria and protects human health.

Wooden floor is afraid of water, once the water will cause the floor to crack, bulge and other phenomena. The PVC floor has excellent water resistance and can be used in bathing places.

Each piece of wooden floor is connected with adhesive, bonded and nailed together with nails, and the floor joint is easily cracked or bulged when subjected to thermal expansion and contraction. The PVC floor is not connected with glue between each piece. It is specially welded or trapezoidal beveled to prevent cracking and bulging of the floor.

The pvc vinyl flooring is free of any dust during installation, and the paving process is simple and fast, thereby avoiding secondary pollution to the decorated room.

PVC floor purchasing skills
The first consideration when choosing a PVC floor is whether it is environmentally friendly. It is recommended that you choose E0, E1 level flooring, such flooring is more environmentally friendly and will not endanger human health. JMY FLOOR's PVC floor is made of natural materials such as polyvinyl chloride and calcium carbonate powder. There is no formaldehyde, and most of the PVC floor is processed from raw materials. No harmful substances are added during the entire production process. The surface of most PVC floors is specially treated to ensure that the PVC floor has good abrasion resistance, antifouling and antibacterial functions.