Some knowledge about plank flooring

Some knowledge about plank flooring

Plank flooring can be divided into three categories: laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, and pure solid wood flooring. Don't be confused by the seller when choosing.

Because the laminate floor is made of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, fiberboard core layer, balance moisture-proof and other people. Anyway, it's not so good, the feet feel harder and harder, and they feel very close.

Solid wood composite floor: It is made of strong steel bars, high price, good stability, and the foot feel is more suitable for attractive points. It is solid wood board or veneer as the panel, and glued as the board. To put it bluntly, the skin is solid wood, and the inside is plywood.

The overall, wood composite floor can have the comfort of pure solid plank flooring, and at the same time supplement the dry shrinkage characteristics of pure solid wood composite flooring, ensuring its own characteristics. . Strong stability, not easy to deform.

Pure solid plank flooring: comfortable feet, warm in winter and cool in summer, wood and natural as the pure point of attracting people. Swelling.

Chinese means wood production is a farm structure that will absorb water in the air or in the air. The real small-scale building paved floor has an impact, which may produce rubber or produce craftsmanship and major problems, but these micro-porous indoors can maintain life and let us always be in a comfortable air environment.

At the same time, the floor heating solid wood floor does not need to be keeled, and it is installed with locks, which saves material and labor costs. After this calculation, the price is similar to ordinary solid wood floors. ,, What's more, the quality is better.