The advantages of plank flooring over ceramic tiles

The advantages of plank flooring over ceramic tiles

There are often difficult choices in home decoration.  is it better to choose plank flooring or ceramic tiles? Today, I will tell you 10 reasons why wooden floors are better than ceramic tiles, but this is not to deny ceramic tiles. You can choose according to the actual situation, and let the home decoration look your favorite.

1. Not easy to slip

Compared with the plank flooring, the surface of the ceramic tile has a small friction coefficient, easy to slip, and a hard texture. If there are elderly or children in the home, the damage of the floor tiles to the elderly and children will be more serious, and the floor is not easy to slip, and the contact will not be too hard, so it is more suitable For home furnishing.

2. Easy to maintain

In the eyes of many people, ceramic tiles are easier to maintain than plank flooring. In fact, although the floor tiles look good for maintenance, they are prone to black seams and scratches, and all the broken ones have to be replaced.

3. Beautiful and durable

The floor is beautiful and durable. Its natural wood grain texture can well express a person’s life style. The softness and color of the floor are very good, and the affinity is very good. At present, the varieties of floor patterns are constantly changing, such as: hand Grabbing floor, embossed floor, etc.

4. Rich materials

The floor material is very rich and diverse, there are hundreds of incomplete statistics, which also brings more changes and choices to home life. The materials of the floor tiles are relatively similar, and the composition is almost similar, slightly single.

5. Worry-free construction

The floor is more worry-free, labor-saving, and money-saving. The construction process of the floor is constant and has a unified technical standard. You only need to choose the color and variety, and the big brand floor sellers will usually pack the whole package. If you want to renovate, it is easier to replace the plank flooring. When you want to take it away when you move, it is very convenient to unpack it.

6. Strong thermal insulation performance

The floor has an advantage in thermal insulation of indoor temperature, can automatically adjust indoor temperature and humidity, reduce the occurrence of rheumatic diseases, and because of its small thermal conductivity, it has the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer.