Why Do Hospitals Now Use PVC Plastic Flooring?

Why Do Hospitals Now Use PVC Plastic Flooring?

A hospital is a medical institution that provides medical care services to people. Not only the patients and the wounded, but also pregnant women and newborns came to the hospital, so the hospital has higher environmental requirements. So, what kind of paving material does the general hospital floor use?

Modern hospitals built in general use PVC plastic flooring. What advantages does PVC plastic flooring have for hospitals?

1. There are many colors of PVC floor, and the color can be determined according to the overall situation of the hospital. The hospital can choose suitable colors according to various wards, which can be matched with children's wards, simple wards and so on.

2. PVC floor has good sound insulation effect. Because patients need a quiet and comfortable environment, PVC flooring has a good sound insulation effect, which can create a quiet and comfortable resting environment for patients.

3, PVC floor has antibacterial effect. The patient's resistance is relatively weak, if the bacterial infection affects the body's recovery. In general, hospitals choose environmentally friendly PVC flooring. PVC flooring does not contain any toxic chemicals and does not emit unpleasant odors. The hospital PVC floor adopts a seamless process, which does not breed bacteria and is green.

4, PVC flooring is simple to maintain, easy to clean, and has good flame resistance, will not cause fire, to a certain extent, it can protect the safety of patients and hospital staff.

5, PVC floor has shock absorption function, people walk comfortably, can prevent patients from falling and abrasions.

6, PVC floor has anti-slip performance, will not slip because the floor accidentally spilled the medicine.

For the laying of the hospital floor, many people are more concerned about environmental protection and safety issues. A good medical environment can bring a relaxed and happy mood to patients, and it is more conducive to physical recovery. Hospital PVC flooring can bring the peace of mind to patients, and has been widely used in recent years.