Pvc Carpet Flooring

Pvc Carpet Flooring
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  • Pvc Carpet Flooring
  • Pvc Carpet Flooring

Pvc Carpet Flooring

Type:Plastic Flooring
Wear Layer:0.12mm/0.2mm/0.3mm
Product Name:Floor Tiles Standard Size
Installation:GLUE DOWN

Product Details
Our SPC lock floor uses brand new materials, with SGS certification, zero formaldehyde, waterproof and fire-resistence, with higher stability when step on the flooring.

Fire-resistence design
The fire-resistence grade reaches B1, which is same grade to ceramic tile. It has good fire-resistence function and is difficult to burn with high temperature.

Waterproof design
The lotus effect, the water will gather in the floor surface to prevent dropping into gap.

It's astringent when it comes to water 
PVC material has the characteristics of astringency when coming with water, that’s why our flooring have ability of waterproof and anti-skid. 

Brand new material
Please don't compare our prices with the low-cost recycled materials on the market and the base materials of the mixture. Different raw materials, different production processes and different production standards have almost no comparability. If we use the recycled materials for few months and happen warping, surface peeling, the lock seperating, it will not be worth the loss. Welcome to take samples for comparative test, we believe in our quality.



Product Instructions

About transportation Floor products are building materials, which are of high quality and cannot be delivered by express delivery. Please provide the required quantity of SQM/SQFT, and model for checking the specific freight. By default, it will be delivered by logistics. Customers in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan also provide direct logistics services. If you need samples, please contact us directly, samples are free. For export goods, it will be shipped directly by factory containers. (it is recommended to reserve 3% - 5% loss for the calculated area)

About the VIP customized service

1. Customized Special thickness /size (> 2000m2) Reaches 5mm / 6mm thickness for a plank, have better stability
2.With IXPE pad / cork pad on the back (> 500m 2) 1.5mm/2mm pad for choosing with the feeling like natural wooden when step on the flooring
3.Customized UC coating (> 1000m2) The coating can be customized according to the application places, For example, hospital project - customized anti-iodine special coating; shopping mall project - customized super scratch special coating.
4. OEM (> from 3000m2) Provide carton customized service
5. Color film customization (> 3000m2) According to your requirements, you can find your favorite color from millions of colors to produce.

About applicable places
It is suitable for all kinds of indoor projects such as Office project, home decoration project, hotel project, old house reconstruction project, Kindergarten project school project, satisfy with waterproof, fire-resistence, and long-term using demands. If you have old people, children, pregnant women or plan to have children Then you need to choose our SPC environmental protection floor for the healthy life of you and your family. Floor instructions Floor is easily worn parts if you meet a violent logistics. It is recommended to reserve 2% - 5% when placing an order. If you receive floor with damaged edges and corners, you can simply cut it and pave it on the edge, which will not affect the normal use of the floor. Installation precautions
1. When the floor reaches the installation environment, it needs to stand for 48 hours to ensure that the air temperature is between 18-25 degrees, and then install it.
2. SPC interlock flooring for the ground requirements: to ensure that the ground level, no sand, no seepage. The height difference within two meters shall not exceed 2 mm. Cement floor, old ceramic tile floor, old floor and other flat ground can be directly installed.
3. Reserve expansion joint. In order to prevent the floor from thermal expansion, 5-10mm wide expansion joint must be reserved beside the wall when laying.
4. The average temperature of floor using environment, the average maximum temperature should be under 38 ℃, the average minimum temperature hight than 10 ℃. Color shading description Due to different shooting light, screen display parameters and other factors, there may be a certain color difference between the picture and the real object. Please refer to the actual product for details.

pvc carpet flooring